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eCarbonated is Tulsa’s creative solution.Jason Budowski offers Web Design and Development, Website Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, WordPress Installations, and more.

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eCarbonated builds websites powered by WordPress.  Get a custom theme designed for your business. Jason Budowski is based out of Tulsa, OK, has been contracting for over 10 years and has clients throughout the US from California, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Nevada, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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Typography On The Web

I’ve been always fascinated with typography. Font styles and variations are numerous but once I learned the what and why, I’m like a kid in a candy store when working on a new project or logo. When I started my web design business and theory became application, it became very apparent how different font families affected people. Sometimes the subtly of different fonts can seem so minute but cause a rather large reaction when compared side by side.

What I quickly realized as a web designer is that typography was limited unless you simply use images of stylized text.  But this is a very poor option in the eyes of the almighty search engines as they don’t read images (at least not yet).  Search engines read text.  So being able to use the actual type faces I’ve used in my clients designs is extremely important.  Read on to see the workarounds!

History of Typography Font Styles

For a quick history of typography, check out this animated short:


My recent typography focused design here is nothing more than my business name and what I do.  Know any small business owners looking for some next level web & graphic design? whiskey style label 2000h

 Typography on the Web – The workarounds

There are thousands of fonts out there and thankfully they are (mostly) available to the Web now.  What the above video doesn’t cover is that digital fonts are specific to what that computer has.  Take a look at this list of common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents. What this means is that if you use an esoteric or very specialized font face, your design will not be seen the same on different computers.  Totally not cool right?  Well there are a number of new solutions to this dilemma ranging from Google Fonts, HTML Canvas Fonts, and my personal preference CSS Font Embedding.  I’m not about to debate which is best, but CSS Font Embedding delivers websites with custom fonts to your viewers computer (cache) allow you to design amazing websites that have REAL fonts and not graphics.

Font Squirrel is a great resource for free fonts and web-fonts

Typography Fonts and Search Engines

Search Engines like being able read everything instead of images of text.  Take a look at the logo of  The logo has been created so that it looks the same on print materials as well as the Web, but it actual text here.  So now the search engines can read this logo like normal text.  This particular font is a Google Font, fyi.

So have fun with your designs whether they be print or web!