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Website Design

Whether you need a new website, or maintenance, eCarbonated offers a variety of services to help you out with your online presence.  Get results by choosing eCarbonated for your website or online marketing and much more.

WordPress Designer & Developer

eCarbonated builds websites powered by Wordpress.  Wordpress is our Content Management System of choice for a few reasons and we offer the following WordPress related services:

Graphic Design Services

Looking for a new logo or look and feel for your upcoming marketing project.  eCarbonated offers graphic design for print and web as well as logos and custom illustrations.


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Typography On The Web

I’ve been always fascinated with typography. Font styles and variations are numerous but once I learned the what and why, I’m like a kid in a candy store when working on a new project or logo. When I started my web design business and theory became application, it became very apparent how different font families affected people. Sometimes the subtly of different fonts can seem so minute but cause a rather large reaction when compared side by side.

What I quickly realized as a web designer is that typography was limited unless you simply use images of stylized text.  But this is a very poor option in the eyes of the almighty search engines as they don’t read images (at least not yet).  Search engines read text.  So being able to use the actual type faces I’ve used in my clients designs is extremely important.  Read on to see the workarounds!

History of Typography Font Styles

For a quick history of typography, check out this animated short:


My recent typography focused design here is nothing more than my business name and what I do.  Know any small business owners looking for some next level web & graphic design? whiskey style label 2000h

 Typography on the Web – The workarounds

There are thousands of fonts out there and thankfully they are (mostly) available to the Web now.  What the above video doesn’t cover is that digital fonts are specific to what that computer has.  Take a look at this list of common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents. What this means is that if you use an esoteric or very specialized font face, your design will not be seen the same on different computers.  Totally not cool right?  Well there are a number of new solutions to this dilemma ranging from Google Fonts, HTML Canvas Fonts, and my personal preference CSS Font Embedding.  I’m not about to debate which is best, but CSS Font Embedding delivers websites with custom fonts to your viewers computer (cache) allow you to design amazing websites that have REAL fonts and not graphics.

Font Squirrel is a great resource for free fonts and web-fonts

Typography Fonts and Search Engines

Search Engines like being able read everything instead of images of text.  Take a look at the logo of  The logo has been created so that it looks the same on print materials as well as the Web, but it actual text here.  So now the search engines can read this logo like normal text.  This particular font is a Google Font, fyi.

So have fun with your designs whether they be print or web!





Email Marketing: MailChimp, Email Lists and WordPress

email marketing with mailchimp made easyWith so many social networking spots to keep up with, it can be difficult to find the time to manage it all.  Then again, how do you know where to start?  Keeping it simple, I recommend email marketing as a good place to start for no other reason than email marketing is extremely effective at reaching out to your customers and encouraging referrals.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not something I recommend you take on from your Outlook or Yahoo! account. All it takes is a few SPAM clicks from any reader and you can get blacklisted, which is as bad as it sounds.  In summary, being blacklisted means that even regular emails to friends and family might eventually show up in their spam folder, unread and unseen. So how does one master email marketing?  The first thing to do is to understand the basics of Permission Based Email Marketing. Knowing these basics will keep you and your email subscribers happy. This link illustrate specifics and good advice on how to make effective email campaigns.  The rest of this current article will describe setting up an email list and getting MailChimp to do some magic that will make your life much easier!

I recommend MailChimp as your email marketing software manager

In overview, Mailchimp is a service that manages your email marketing.  You log in and can create lists of people and their emails, which are kept privately safe and secure.  Then you start an email campaign.  Let’s say you have a new product that you know everyone will love.  So you write an email, add a photograph and then merge it with the list and Mailchimp will send it to your entire list.  MailChimp manages the server details and permissions to make everyone happy, and your message goes out to the masses who will see your email in their inbox.  And Mailchimp is free for most small business needs!

So where do you get a list of emails from?  You have to build one.

I have been added to a lot of email lists from all the small business networking meetings.  I don’t like it and frankly it frustrates me to think I’m handing out my cards to people eager to build a email list.  I met a Jazz saxophonist in Oakland at a meeting.  He is a legit musician, but he apparently hopped in and out of small business meetings across the entire S.F. Bay Area collecting emails and adding them to his “next event” emails. I have never been to see him, and I don’t care to.  Don’t do this.  It’s not cool.  I will press the spam button and this will be recorded in MailChimp, or Constant Contact or any other mass email service provider you use.

Create list by people who know you and/or like you.

One way to build a good list you need have an email capture field on your website.  Something that says “Say tuned for new products/events/services”, or “Want to learn more subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated”.  MailChimp offers widgets that can be fairly easily added to your website, and even easier if you have WordPress.  Other ways to build your list is to ask customers if you can add them to a list.  Incentivises are good too such as discounts or giveaways.

WordPress is so awesome for small businesses…

So once you’ve set this up (or have me do it, It’s a service I offer).  You can now streamline your process to the following:

  1. Write a blog/article/new product/post on your WordPress website.
  2. MailChimp does some magic…*
  3. Your clients in your MailChimp email list automatically get an email about this new post.
  4. MailChimp can also add this to Facebook and Twitter too!

Ok so I skipped over some details in # 2…

* MailChimp has a RSS-driven campaign that will monitor your website’s RSS feed and if there is a new post will then send it out automatically.  This RSS-driven campaign will then also post a summary to Facebook and Twitter.  Another way this “magic” happens is that you hire me.  It will take around 1-2 hours to set up an RSS-driven campaign, hook it up to Facebook and Twitter, as well as create a custom template to match your companies brand.

Have questions about email marketing, custom email templates, or setting up MailChimp? Ask me!

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

Have you been searching for a new website maintenance solution?  eCarbonated offers website maintenance as an ongoing, non-contract, service.  So whether you need changes every so often, or every other day – eCarbonated can help:

  • Website maintenance for every budget
  • 10 + years experience helping clients maintain, grow, and improve search engine results
  • WordPress, Joomla, and Custom Websites are no problem!
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • No long term or monthly contracts!

Let’s Get Started – Together

tulsa website maintenance

In general, a website should be a dynamic and ever-changing representation of your company… in other words: Keep it fresh!  But keeping up with trends, changes to search engine optimization rules, and/or simply updating content may be something you don’t know how to do, or have time for.  Additionally, if you want to be coached how to manage your website yourself or just want X,Y and Z completed, Talk to eCarbonated today and find out what maintenance means for you.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development Tulsa

Websites built for you.  Whether you provide the design or need design & development eCarbonated offers custom WordPress development:

  1. Giles, Rager & Underwood, P.C.
  2. Stava Building Corp.
  3. Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre
  4. On Your Mark Performance
  5. Daniella Dayoub
  6. Integrate Performance Fitness
  7. Sarah Herman Landscape Design
  8. Berkeley Gardens

Custom WordPress Themes

Before I built websites in WordPress, years ago, I developed a private CMS with some amazing features and allowed me to understand the full capability of what a CMS is capable of, like WordPress.  You can read more about why I love WordPress here, but frankly it allows me to focus on design, content and search engine optimization, and all the code and security is taken care of by  The best part is the learning curve for my customers is very low making it easy to use!

A Website Should Be Personal

Once you consider beyond the pre-packaged themes and start looking at the opportunities of a custom WordPress website, well the options are just splendid. Custom Post Types allow for tailor made features for my clients.  Integrate some really neat effects like Isotope, a code engine that combines Jquery with HTML5 and you’ve got a really nice site!

Search Engines as a Priority!

A website that looks good is only half a website.  Websites by eCarbonated are built to climb in the search engine results.  Some of the Search Engine Optimization is due to the nature of WordPress, but mostly there are amazing tools that enhance the performance of your website.  The other part is knowing how to build pages and your entire website for optimal results.  The results are getting people calling you, contacting you, walking into your store and gaining non-referral leads for your business!

eCarbonated offers maintenance with no contracts!

Responsive Web Design

In a previous article I wrote about the difference between responsive web design and adaptive. Responsive Design is the new kid on the block, the new trend, and the question is whether it will really last.  All the articles I’ve read, like this one by Tulsa World state that responsive web design is ultimately the best choice that readers should get used to hearing about it.

Responsive Web Design Changes the Web

I have now built a handful of responsive websites and found that creating responsive designs can be a fairly involved process but thanks to responsive grid sites like,, the process isn’t as complicated as it is time consuming. Many of the sites I’ve built are custom WordPress Themes I developed and include responsive as part of the package.  The others are preexisting from other designers or plugins.  Overall the response has been great, almost everyone loves responsive.  But I have had a couple clients who didn’t like the mobile layout. Another client of a responsive designed site told me ” I just hate not being able to have the site show up the way it does on my desktop and tablet! Change it back.” And back it went, because the client is always right, right?

As far as the client is always being right the facts are in the numbers and up to 40% of your visitors view your site from a mobile and tablet device. To not make a website accessible or even readable to your public is an oversight.  This particular client who didn’t like the responsive layout had a very low percentage, less than 12% of all views on mobile and tablet devices.

So while responsive website design is a wonderful idea that covers all manner of browsers to maximize the readers experience, the question for me isn’t if responsive design is here to stay, but whether established small business owners (who may or may not be web savvy) will accept that their website is now a fluid design that looks entirely different on their phones, tablets and computers.

I Like Responsive Design!

I personally like responsive designed sites.  I think they do offer a way to display only pertinent information on smaller reading areas, and maximize real estate on larger monitors.  However, for some people it can be a struggle to move into the latest trends.  But this trend is here to stay.  Where a client can’t see the benefit for themselves and their own use, being able to deliver the best content to their public should also be considered.

I’d love to hear your input whether you are a designer or a small business owner, if you’ve run into similar problems and even your views about responsive design?